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Afrigen Compounding Solutions:
  • Does Compounding of schedule 0 products, including nutraceuticals & cosmoeustrials and to give compositions & personalized dosage form as per client requirements.
  • Does personalized & unique formulations of prescription medicine up to & including schedule 6 drugs
  • Ensure only the best active are used which are sourced from reputable & reliable suppliers. 
  • Offers a unique selection of practitioner exclusive products that cannot be found in your everyday pharmacy
  • Goes the extra mile to ensure you’re unique prescription is taken care off
  • Offers affordable services and unmatched value

Why choose Afrigen Compounding Solutions?
Our products simply work better & smarter for you. Afrigen Compounding Solutions use active pharmaceutical ingredients from Afrigen’s propriety nano encapsulating technology.
Through nano encapsulation we  ensure our clients that the active ingredient in our products is protected to:

  • ease and accelerated the absorption of our active ingredients in the cells of the body

  • protect the active ingredient, ex. vitamins, as it travels through the body

  • prevent the breakdown of our compounded medicines from stomach acids

  • allow more active ingredients to get to the target area of the body for increased bioavailability

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