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Afrigen Compounding Solutions is a licensed compounding  pharmacy that does special formulations on  prescription drugs incorporating latest drug delivery technologies.

We are one of the premiere compounding pharmacy located in Cape Town bringing personalised medicine combined with high tech formulations including nano-encapsulation of active substances.

Our internationally acclaimed team supported by in-house state-of-the-art NANO technology offers you a visionary culture of knowledge, service and innovation and ensuring:

• the highest quality of medicines

• cutting edge technology, resources, knowledge, and expertise

• trusted extension to each medical practitioner and veterinarian’s practice

• applicable Statutory and Regulatory manufacturing standards

• uninterrupted supply of safe, consistent, and efficacious medication

• medicine quality and safety according to documented processes

• that procedures are in place to ensure that areas of weakness are systematically identified and acted upon in a timely manner

Meet the team:

Afrigen Compounding Solutions utilizes the Afrigen Biologics encapsulation-technology platform to create a diverse and select variety of customizable API, which are designed specifically as a drug delivery system for our compounding medication which enhances the therapeutic efficacy of our products and minimize the adverse effect and toxic reactions associated with certain medications.

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Afrigen Compounding Solutions Board of Directors: Chairperson: Dr Caryn Fenner; Managing Director: Rajen Naidoo; Responsible Pharmacist and Executive Director: Dr Imelda Jordaan;

Non-Executive Directors: Dr Elize Willenburg, Dr Grace Job; Shareholder Representative: Prof Petro Terblanche, Managing Director Afrigen Biologics

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