"It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions, but hard to get one single remedy.” — Chinese Proverb

Afrigen Compounding Solutions, a subsidiary of Afrigen Biologics, where innovation, knowledge and experience uses state-of-the-art technology to prepare unique medicine formulations for specific needs that are not commercially available. At ACS ingenuity meets technology to maximize therapeutic outcomes.

Compounding is the science of preparing personalised medications based on prescriptions from medical practitioners identifying the need for specialised ingredients, strength, and dosage form for their patients.

Why choose Afrigen Compounding Solutions?

Our products simply work better & smarter for you!

Afrigen Compounding Solutions uses active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from Afrigen’s novel nano-encapsulation processes.

Through encapsulation we ensure our clients that the APIs in our products have the following functionalities:
  • as a faster uptake of absorption of the active ingredients in the cells of the body

  • protect the active ingredient, eg. vitamins, as it travels through the body

  • prevent the breakdown of our compounded medicines from stomach acids

  • allow more active ingredients to get to the target area of the body for increased bioavailability

Afrigen Compounding Solutions:
  • only carry the best products

  • offers a unique selection of practitioner exclusive products that cannot be found in your everyday pharmacy

  • goes the extra mile to ensure your unique prescription is taken care of

  • offers affordable services and unmatched value

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